Background - Hang Po Transportation Co., Ltd.


More Than 30 Years of Experience with Strong Customer Network

HP was established in 1986. With its professionalism and attentive service, the number of customers who cooperated with us to rent coaches increased day by day, HP became a limited company in 1990. Subsequently, the company’s scale and number of fleets expanded simultaneously with the customer network.

For more than 30 years, HP has provided coach rental services such as staff transfers, housing estate shuttles, residents’ buses, sightseeing tours, school bus transfers, group event transfers, and bus advertisements. In addition to serving large enterprises, HP also has a line of product for individual customers, providing wedding cars and private large and small coach rentals, cross-border service between China and Hong Kong, airport and hotel services and other shuttle services.

Hang Po shuttle bus rental service
Hang Po shuttle bus service quality is recognized by professional

Continuously Upgrade Tourist Bus Supporting Facilities to Create the Best Pick-Up Service

Over the years, HP has kept pace with time, constantly updating equipment and enhancing customer experience. We are especially concerned about the safety of coaches. All vehicles under our company, whether large 60-seater coaches or 28-seater coaches, are regularly inspected, and older coaches are regularly replaced to ensure that all equipment meets safety standards. In response to social development and cooperating with conglomerates, we have introduced the “European Five Newest Environmentally Friendly Tourist Bus” to contribute to environmental protection.

Only a Few Tour Bus Companies in Hong Kong Obtain ISO Certification

To obtain ISO certification, besides reaching a certain scale, the coach company needs to have tremendous experience and ability in management. HP has been established for 30 years. With the continuous expansion of business, whether it is customer service, fleet management, route planning, etc., we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, allowing us to quickly respond to customer needs. HP has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate since 2018. Since then, it has continuously improved its service quality and vehicle supporting facilities to maintain a high level of transportation services.
Shuttle bus service provides intimate follow-up service

Our Strength

  1. 24-hour customer service hotline
  2. Well versed with business network to deal with contingency
  3. Veteran drivers familiar with different districts
  4. Coaches installed with GPS
  5. Outstanding management team and ERP system
  6. Continuous improvement with investment in new generation coaches
  7. Over 30 years of transportation experience
  8. ISO Quality Certification coach company
  9. Prompt response to customers’ enquiries
  10. Adopt “Nano-Photocatalyst” spraying technology regularly to medically disinfect the bus fleet

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to focusing on the coach rental business of HP, we also care for the society. Since 2011, we have been awarded the “Caring Company Logo” many times, showing that we are willing to fulfill our social responsibilities. Over the years, we have been committed to caring for the community and protecting the environment. We will donate to local charities every year to support them in helping communities in different sectors in Hong Kong. Secondly, we will also lead our staff to contribute to environmental conservation and participate in environmental protection activities, cultivating employees’ awareness of environmental protection and at the same time reinforcing their cohesiveness.

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