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Customer Survey Form

    Rental time: :

    Customer Service Officer Service Quality

    Able to provide clear car rental information

    Kind and friendly attitude

    Be able to deal with customer complaints patiently and make arrangements afterwards

    Properly and actively deal with emergencies


    Bus Appearance and Compartment Environment

    Comfortable in the carriage

    The cabin is clean and tidy

    Clean and bright exterior

    Air circulation/moderate temperature in the cabin


    Driver Service Quality

    Kind and friendly attitude

    Very punctual

    Good driving attitude

    The driving speed is suitable

    Excellent driving skills

    The driver looks neat and tidy


    Service Charge

    Clearly displayed on the quotation



    HP overall performance in this service (5 points for the best)

    Which of the following sentences do you agree with describing HP? (Multiple options can be selected)

    From which source did you hear about us? (Multiple options available)

    Will you choose HP Service again?

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