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Enterprise Customer Service Solution

Hang Po professional team to manage vehicle drivers

Flexibility and Adaptability

More than 30 years of operating experience, capable of handling any situation

Advanced Scheduling Management System

Advanced GPS vehicle tracking system, and round-the-clock management, to ensure the smooth running of shifts
Ample supply of vehicles, provides attentive passenger service

Optimization of Plans

Route planning – provide detailed advisory services from beginning to end

Professional Team to Manage Vehicle Drivers

Fleet management team to monitor the vehicles and work of drivers at all times
Advanced vehicle tracking system, capable of handling any situation

Attentive Passenger Service

24-hour service hotline for passengers to inquire

Ample Supply of Vehicles

Company owned fleet of more than 100 vehicles, and new models are constantly being introduced

Safe and Hygienic Ride Environment

Our service quality is recognized by ACI International Certification Company and awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certificate

HP drivers have to undergo rigorous interviews and road tests to ensure that the driving quality is up to the standard

Proactively cooperate with the Driving School to provide drivers with driving training courses to further improve the quality of service

All vehicles are nano-sprayed to eliminate bacteria and viruses to ensure a safe and sanitary ride environment

Shuttle bus service company offers staff pick-up service

Staff Pick-Up

If your company is located far away from the city, the travelling of employees to and from the company will inevitably waste a lot of time, and it will inarguably make employees prone to quit over time. Companies providing staff with coach shuttle services will greatly increase their power in retaining important human capital, thus avoiding burdens inflicted on management caused by high attrition rates.

Don’t worry if you want to build a competitive edge; we will solve the problem for you!

Our customers: Watsons Water, ATL Logistics Center, Swire Properties Management Limited, Dairy Farm Group, etc.

We will draw up the route for you, apply to the Transport Department, and will provide trial services.

All of our coaches are equipped with GPS tracking devices. HP GPS management team is in fully aware of the whereabouts of the coaches in real time to ensure their proper operation day and night.

We understand that neither companies nor employees want their work affected due to unpunctuality. With 30 years of experience and a strong industry network, we not only have an established notification mechanism to let you know the situation of your employees as soon as possible, but also arrange substitute coach to resume the journey quickly, so as to reach the destination at the scheduled time to reduce the impact.

Shuttle bus service company offers school children pick-up service

School Children Pick-Up

There are nanny buses and school bus services within the scope of school children’s transportation. We regard the safety of school children as our priority. In addition to ensuring driving safety, we pay more attention to the personal safety of school children. Our nanny will ensure that school personnel or parents are at the scene when school children leave the bus.

Safety is the most important thing in picking up school children, and a responsible coach company is what you need!

Our customers: South Yuen Long Government Primary School, English Schools Foundation, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, HKSYC & IA Chan Nam Chong Memorial College, Lam Tai Fai College, etc.

Our babysitting car service is equipped with complete logistical facilities. The route will be planned according to the residence of each parent, and safe parking and alighting spaces will be designed to meet the needs of parents. Our drivers and babysitters are experienced and responsible and can bring school children a safe and pleasant journey to school.

We use nano-photocatalyst to disinfect the inside and outside of the car. The photocatalyst material is different from traditional disinfectants. While effectively eliminating bacteria and viruses, it will not produce a pungent odor and is harmless to the skin. It can create a safe ride environment for our customers. On the other hand, school bus drivers and babysitters can provide coronavirus test results on a regular basis according to school needs.

The driver and the babysitter will take their body temperatures before work, and they will be equipped with masks throughout the work. Before school children get on the bus, the babysitter will take their temperature, and will ensure that they wear masks during the trip.

An experienced babysitter and driver will arrange for children who are inclined to motion sickness to sit in the front seat to reduce discomfort. The car is also equipped with plastic bags and cleaning supplies. If children accidentally vomit, the babysitter will clean and detoxify when appropriate.

To ensure the safety of the children, if the babysitter does not see the family member or the maid after the bus arrives at the stop, the babysitter will immediately notify the back office, using special phone line service to notify the parents immediately. If parents cannot be contacted, the child will be sent back to the school and the school will inform the parents to pick up the child themselves.

Colleagues on the dedicated line will contact the parents immediately to report the situation of the school bus and our contingency plan, so that parents can keep up with the latest news.

Housing Estate Shuttle

Some housing estates in Hong Kong are located far away from the community. Although they enjoy a quiet environment, they bring inconvenience to residents. Residents may need to transfer to different modes of transport. The frequency of such transport is sparse, which is especially inconvenient during peak hours. Many property management companies will therefore hire coach companies outside to improve the transportation needs of residents. Unlike public buses, coaches do not have midway stops for point-to-point transfers. Passengers can ride comfortably to the city and enjoy the unique feature of housing estates.

To enhance the prestige of the housing estate, we can help you solve the problem of bus operation!

Our customers: Sun Tuen Mun Centre, Lido Garden, Richwood Park, etc.

We have many years of experience in operating shuttle buses for housing estates. We are well aware of the intertwining processes of designing new routes, applying for routes from the Transport Department, arranging drivers, coaches, etc., and provide you with a satisfactory one-stop service

Each of our coaches is equipped with a GPS system, and the management team can quickly detect problems, and can arrange backup coaches at any time. Secondly, we have an extensive industry network and can make deployments quickly.

All our coaches are covered by third-party insurance to protect the residents of your housing estate in all aspects. Secondly, each coach is equipped with a front camera to record the situation in the event of a traffic accident to protect everyone’s interests.。

We can design a unique logo for the shuttle bus of your housing estate, such as adding the name of the housing estate to show the nobility of the housing estate. In addition, our drivers who are strictly trained by the company will be able to manifest to the passengers the feeling of hospitality.

Resident Bus

Routes NR740 and NR741R are service routes approved by the Transport Department for residents. These two shuttle bus lines have been operated by HP since 1994. NR740 runs from New Tuen Mun Centre to Tsim Sha Tsui East, and NR741R runs from New Tuen Mun Centre to Wan Chai. The two shuttle buses are set up to facilitate residents living in Tuen Mun to travel to and from the business district, especially during peak hours after finishing work. With the point-to-point shuttle bus, passengers can take a comfortable coach to the destination without unnecessary stops. HP will post the latest coach news on social platforms so that passengers can keep up with the latest route information

Starting from 25 September 2022, NR740 and NR741 will implement the “$2 Public Transport Fare Concession” introduced by the Transport Department. To enjoy the concession, senior citizens aged 60 or above and eligible persons with disabilities are required to use a JoyYou Card, Elder Octopus or Personalised Octopus with “Persons with Disabilities Status” printed with a photo.

If you are interested in taking these two routes, we have prepared the following information for you.

Anyone can ride for only a fee, and an Octopus card reader is installed on the coach.

NR740 bus fare: $15.0 NR741R bus fare: $20.0

NR740 pick up at Sun Tuen Mun Centre Podium, drop-off at Shanghai Street near Fife Street, Jordan Road West of its junction with Shanghai Street, Kowloon Park Drive near Middle Road, Chinachem Golden Plaza

NR741R Outbound
Pick-up at Sun Tuen Mun Centre Podium, drop-off at Chung King Road, 41 Connaught Road Central, Chater Road east of Club Street, Luard Road (between Jaffe Road and Lockhart Road)

NR741R Inbound
Pick up at Hennessy Road opposite Southorn Playground, Connaught Road Central Hang Sang Bank Headquarter, drop-off at Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road outside Tuen Mun Trend Plaza, Sun Tuen Mun Centre Podium

NR740NR741R OutboundNR741R Inbound
Monday – Friday (Except General Holidays)
1. 7:30 a.m.
2. 7:55 a.m.
Monday – Friday (Except General Holidays)
1. 7:10 a.m.
2. 7:25 a.m.
3. 7:35 a.m.
4. 7:45 a.m.
Monday – Friday (Except General Holidays)
1. 5:30 p.m.
2. 5:50 p.m.
3. 6:15 p.m.


Operating sightseeing tour buses requires flexibility. Tour bus companies need years of experience in vehicle and route arrangements, driver safety and resilience, and on-board facilities to meet the needs of the travel industry. During the tourist season, Hong Kong’s roads or tourist attractions will be crowded with tourist buses. If the driver lacks experience, is not familiar with the parking spot of the attraction, or the company’s back office supporting facilities are insufficient, it will not be able to relay important traffic news to the driver immediately, and will have a good chance of making the itinerary delay. In order to make the journey smooth, it is necessary to have a well- equipped travel company to meet your needs.

We have been operating sightseeing tour buses for many years and are your reliable partner!

Our customers: Hong Kong Tourism Board, China Travel Service(Hong Kong)Limited, YMT Travel Limited, A. N. Travel Limited, etc.

According to the government epidemic prevention guidelines, participants of local tour groups must use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application when boarding the coaches and for locations visited. Therefore, Hang Po has applied for “LeaveHomeSafe” QR codes for coaches used for local tours preparing for the resumption of tourist industry.

We regularly introduce new types of vehicles, and before departure, we will make sure that the car has adequate storage capacity, such as the luggage compartment of the car, being rid of sundries, etc., and the driver will also check the door locks to ensure that passengers’ luggage is stored safely and securely. Inside the car, and above the seats are also equipped with a large luggage rack to facilitate the needs of passengers. Seat belts are also installed on the car to ensure the safety of passengers.

  • Rich Experience to Help You Better Plan Your Journey
    Certain tourist spots in Hong Kong need to apply for a special restricted area vehicle permit. We are experienced and familiar with the application procedures. In addition, we have many years of experience in picking up passengers, and we can cooperate with you in designing itinerary planning to make your journey smoother.
  • Logistics Department Instant Communication
    The most important thing about going out to work is to have the support of the logistics department. Our large scale has sufficient logistics to deal with various situations. At the same time, we always use video cameras to monitor the driving conditions of vehicles to ensure that the most appropriate arrangements can be made.
  • Experienced Drivers are Flexible
    Our drivers are experienced and know how to design for the guests. Apart from familiarizing the routes of the scenic spots, they will find the best parking space to facilitate the boarding and alighting of passengers. At the same time, they will also cooperate with the guides. For example, when the roads are busy, they can arrive at tourist spots early to avoid keeping passengers waiting.
  • Use High-Efficiency Photocatalyst for Disinfection and Epidemic Prevention
    We use nano-photocatalyst to disinfect vehicles, so that both passengers and travel agency staff can have a safe and pleasant journey in a sterile environment.
Institution/Group shuttle bus service

Institution / Group

In operation for more than 30 years and besides long-term contracting of large shuttle buses, we also often provide large-scale event coach rental services, which are able to cope with various arrangements and unexpected surge in vehicle demand. Large-scale events are held in remote locations, and the shuttle bus has become an indispensable part of the event, such as the Asia World Expo in the airport or the Kowloon Bay International Exhibition and Trade Center in Kowloon Bay.

Choosing a tourist bus company with proven qualifications will satisfy you and your customers.

Our customers: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, etc.

To ensure that passengers can enjoy the service as soon as possible, we will arrange reserve coaches in advance and dispatch them promptly when appropriate. This is because we have a large fleet of vehicles at all times. Secondly, we also have a vast network of alliance for support, which can reduce the shortage of coaches.

To ensure the passengers can arrive at the venue on time and avoid missing the itinerary, we will arrange for the driver to conduct a road rehearsal beforehand. The driver will drive the route once in advance to ensure that the driver is familiar with the route.

We have provided coach transportation for many large-scale international events, such as the Hong Kong Cycling Festival and the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Festival. We can provide more than 50 coaches to maintain multi-day event traffic arrangements. We can also arrange station staff to direct the flow of people on site according to customer needs, so that you can rest assured.

Private/Government shuttle bus service

Private / Government

In addition to providing regular shuttle bus transfers for housing estates, etc., we also cooperate with different construction companies or government agencies to provide staff transfers. Unlike regular pick-up and drop-off, we also provide an on demand car rental mode. On a designated day and time, a coach or 7-person car pick-up and drop-off can be arranged, depending on your needs. It can be deployed as required, all because of the sufficient supply of our coaches and the ability to undertake on demand car rentals; moreover, regular replacement of models to reduce the occurrence of stalled cars during operation and affect your work.

For long-term and stable service quality, a large and established bus company can help you!

Our coaches are equipped with a GPS system, which can track the location of the vehicle at any time, and our service staff will get in touch with you closely, so that you can know the status of the bus first hand and you can schedule your time.

We take the customer as first priority, and all coach drivers are very responsible. If they fail to see the customer at the specified time, they will immediately notify the customer service and call you to confirm the situation; if the customer wants to postpone the agreed time, we will try our best to align the timing. Contract rental is definitely a service tailored for you.

China-Hong Kong-Macau Cross-border Transfer

For business travel to and from Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau, Hang Po can provide one-stop arrangement for you. You can book the transportation to and from the three places directly with us, so that you don’t have to look for different vehicle suppliers frequently and save your time and trouble. We provide 7-passenger vehicles and large coaches, which are suitable for business individual tours and corporate groups. Vehicles can enter and exit at Huanggang, Shenzhen Bay or Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao ports, so guests can take the same vehicle before and after entering the country without any hassle.

You can enjoy a comfortable and quiet journey by car, no need to rush the schedule to take public transportation, making your journey more free; moreover, you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage in public transportation, contact our customer service immediately.

If you need a cross-border car, please reserve a date and make a reservation with us at least 7 working days in advance.

We only provide 7-passenger coaches and large coaches.

Nowadays, you can fill in the “Health Declaration Card” and obtain the “Health Declaration Code” (Black Code) through the WeChat mobile application “customs pocket declaration” to clear customs.

Hang Po shuttle bus service company, advertising service


HP Transportation operates as a tour bus rental company. In addition to providing shuttle services for tour buses, 7-seater vehicles or limousines, we also provide advertisements on the body or the seat back of the car. We can advertise in designated areas according to customer needs with the aim of effectively disseminating information to the target audience. The advertising space of the body or the seat back of the car is eye-catching and convenient, and it is a new channel to reach customers!
Click here to learn more about the program from us via WhatsApp

We design advertisements for you, including advertisements on the body or seat back of the car, and can also arrange printing for you.

You can choose a large tourist bus with more than 60 seats or a small 28 seater tourist bus. The actual situation depends on the arrangement of the vehicles.