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Individual Customer Service Plan

Hang Po shuttle bus safe and hygienic riding environment
Individual customer service to follow up your itinerary

Safe and hygienic riding environment, using nano-photocatalyst spray to eliminate bacteria and viruses

Shuttle bus service company offers new vehicles for customers to choose from.

Provide details of your journey, we will arrange the route for you

New models ensure a comfortable journey
Shuttle bus service company provides attentive passenger service
Be flexible and responsive to handle anything
Intimate follow-up service
Our service quality is recognized by ACI International Certification Company and awarded with ISO 9001:2015 certificate
Hang Po 7-seater China-Hong Kong cross-border pick-up service

China-Hong Kong Cross-Border

Many business clients need to travel between mainland China and Hong Kong by car, and a comfortable journey is what you need most. In addition to worrying about daily work before departure, they may also be worried about the schedule delay. If they can arrange a point-to-point cross-border transfer earlier, they can simply focus on their work, and just carry the luggage, get in a comfortable 7-seater business car at the appointed time, and organize their work in the car to take a break during the pleasant business trip.

Want to travel between China and Hong Kong in a comfortable car, the details are as follows:

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao BridgeHong Kong <> Macau
Hong Kong <> Zhuhai
Zhuhai <> Macau (Gongbei Port and Hengqin Port)
Macau <> Macau
Shenzhen Bay Control PointHong Kong <> Guangdong Province
Huanggang Control PointHong Kong <> Guangdong Province
Man Kam To Control PointHong Kong <> Guangdong Province
Sha Tau Kok Control PointHong Kong <> Guangdong Province
Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai BCP (To be announced)Hong Kong <> Guangdong Province
We have cross-border coaches and 7-seater vehicles for you to choose from.
Yes, we provide regular round-trip airport transfers between Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Hang Po Airport/Hotel pick-up service

Airport / Hotel

We have a cooperative relationship with major hotel groups. We have set up a fleet to provide pick-up and drop-off services at the airport for a long time. The drivers are experienced in hospitality and good driving attitudes. We have a huge fleet of our own, and can arrange large tourist buses, small tourist buses, 7-seater business cars, and luxury cars to meet your needs.

Enjoy the scheduled transfer service and feel the first-class transfer experience.

Our customers: Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel, City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, Regal Hong Kong Hotel, etc.

Yes, we have a dedicated colleagues who are responsible for the pick-up service and will pick up the passengers at the gate to carry your luggage or your guests’.

Our customer service will keep in touch with you, and we, with a large fleet, can mobilize large and small coaches or other vehicles according to the situation.

Hang Po private shuttle bus or car rental service

Private Car Rental

In addition to commercial rentals, we also provide private car rental services, including one-way, round-trip or hourly rental services. You can check with us through online quotation, telephone, WhatsApp or email according to your needs. We will provide you with a written quotation. The details are clear at a glance. Once the order is confirmed, we will reserve the car for you to ensure that the car is used on that day.

We have entertained many family customers in the past, such as taking mothers and their young children to the hospital for physical examinations, or taking a family to the sweep the tomb on Ching Ming Festival